Dog training in Maryland


At Schwarzbachtal Rottweiler Kennels we provide a range of services

Obedience Training in Maryland

An owner must be responsible and proactive for all aspect of their pet’s life. A properly trained pet will provide years of fulfilling family and social experiences and interaction. No matter what level of training you desire for your pet the key to successful training is consistence. As every dog goes into it’s own unique home environment what each will require as a foundation will differ; however, all programs that you and your pet participates in should be tailored to your specific needs. At Schwarzbachtal Rottweiler’s we provide a full range of individual training regiments ranging from basic obedience to advanced personal protection. Each training program is dog and handler specific to address a specific need or desired outcome. Remember no training program only trains the dog; it is truly a “team” effort.

Behavior Modification

Sometimes based on circumstances beyond our control our pets develop habits and tendencies that must be address. As a breed that has great strength and substance it can at times be challenging to modify behavior and temperament. When a dog is in need of some type of behavior modification, you must first identify the origin or root of the problem. It is only then that you can begin to train and get your pet on the right track. You should only trust your pet to an experienced dog handler/trainer to attempt any type of behavior modification.

Import Services

At Schwarzbachtal Rottweiler's we provide full service importing. We are able to find a dog that fits your specific requirements in type, style and bloodlines. With our international resources we are able to bring the exact dog to your doorstep at a very reasonable price. Feel free to contact us for all your import needs.

Executive Services

At Schwarzbachtal we do offer exclusively and personalized trained dogs. These animals can operate in a variety of capacities such as Full time Estate/Perimeter Protection or more refined roles such as Personal Protection. These dogs are the very best of the best. It takes many hours of training for a dog to be proficient and dependable to perform at such a high level consistently. These services are tailored to each individuals needs as each dog is hand-picked to fit perfectly into that specific environment. The client and their new dog will be trained on a one-on-one basis to ensure that a true bond is established to develop an excellent living and working relationship. Many variables have to be considered prior to purchasing a dog of this caliber.