Rottweiler Males we owned in the past


Ex  vom Gruntenblick

( Mambo von der Crossener Ranch X Toga vom Kummelsee )

ex vom grutenblick

We own frozen semen - serious inquiries only!

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ADRK 106822



HD-Frei ED-Frei

Multi V1

ZTP 15.05.04 in Königsbach (Fleige)
Leipzig JugendSieger 2003
BundesJugendSieger 2003
Baden JugendSieger 2003
Multi V-1

Male Rottweiler Ex Vom Gruntenblick, born in Germany, is one of the most beautiful and dominate producing Mambo Von Crossner Ranch sons to date. He is one of the most well balanced Rottweiler males you will find. Ex possess phenomenal head type, a short back, great temperament and bone strength. His wonderful shoulder placement and absolutely solid topline are unsurpassed. More than just possessing all these wonderful traits, he actually consistently pass them on to all his progeny. Ex was used very sparingly while here in the US making him that much more valuable to serious breeding programs. Frozen semen available, serious inquires only please.

ex vom grutenblick
ex vom grutenblick
ex vom grutenblick

ex vom grutenblick pedigree