Female Rottweiler Adults


Vivian vom Schwaiger Wappen                   Pedigree   

ex vom grutenblick

Vivian is a daughter of Gino von der Berghalbinsel, the 07 ADRK KombiSeiger. She has truly inherited his tempermant and drive. Her mother is Unique von der Berg Weibertreu The 2011 BS. This combination has produced some super compact and drivey dogs. Vivian will start training for her Ztp,Bh and Sch/VPG I Spring of 2013.

Bianca von der Muhlbachstrasse                 Pedigree

bianca rottweiler female in maryland

Many Years ago I was fortunate enough to watch Mona von Siedlerpfad obtain her Korung in Germany. I have been in love with that dog and her bloodlines ever since. Mona was extremely hard and produced many outstanding dogs especially females. She is a Dingo daughter and a Flavio vom Dammerwald granddaughter, which explains the consistency in type and temperament in her lines. When the chance arose for me to obtain a female from this line I jumped at the chance. That was when I purchased Bianca. Bianca is a solid female with good bone strength, size and type. She has a feminine head with dark pigment. As I had hoped and it has turned out to be the case, she is an outstanding producer. Her puppies have got extreme type with great temperaments. Her breedings will be chosen carefully to exemplify the older more consistent bloodlines that will establish new foundation females for Schwarzbachtal

Cher von der Holzhaussiedlung                   Pedigree

rottweiler female in maryland

Cher is one of our female Rottweilers in Germany. This beautiful female was bred in July, 2014 to Ekko vom Kummelsee, a outstanding German male Rottweiler that produces excellent head type, bone substance, structure, and awesome temperament in this Rottweiler puppies. Cher has a great temperament herself but also shows high ball and prey drive for Schutzhund and conformation. Cher has a thick chest with great bone, head type, and correct structure. Cher will be imported the summer of 2014.

Cher has a outstanding pedigree from 100% German bloodlines. Her pedigree has great Schutzhund titled dogs along with VDH Champions.